The wake up

Ok, this national nightmare and experiment needs to end. What have we learned? How about that it is totally inappropriate for any country and certainly not ours to be run like corporation. How about the realization that what causes a country to be respected in this world has far less to do with how many weapons they have or much of a bully they are but how they take care of their own people. How about remembering that the term the “dignity of office” requires and demands what are real traditional values which are:
Which if you think it are at another level, are all other forms of love and love of country and it’s people is what it all should be about isn’t it?


Victor Anderson: An Amercian Shaman now available for pre-order

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Victor Anderson: An American Shaman Victor Anderson An American Shaman

Victor Anderson: An American Shaman is now available for pre-order.

A remarkable book about a remarkable subject, with some significant editorial commentary that clarifies many aspects. – R. J. Stewart, Author of

‘Advanced Magical Arts’

In 1999, Victor Anderson, the founder of the American Witchcraft Feri Tradition, started a project with his long-time student and friend Cornelia Benavidez. At first, she didn’t know that he was placing in her hands his last words to the world and especially to the initiates of the Feri Tradition, to be released when he felt his teachings would be the most needed. Now is that time.
From the 1960s onwards, Victor Anderson revolutionized paganism. As Elder, Teacher and Grandmaster of the Feri Tradition, he trained some of the most influential voices in modern paganism and was respected worldwide. Calling his tradition authentic, ancient and sex positive, Victor and his wife…

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For Mothers Day

My mother loved sunsets said it was a time to be grateful for the day you had lived. 
My mother loved trees saying each one a gift.
My mother loved mountains a living symbol of what is strong and pure.
My mother loved the wind a hint of the power of our souls.
My mother loved birds for they have wings to fly to fearless sing songs till they die.
My mother loved so many things her family, her friends the Lord in her heart.
My mother loved life for it is all divine art.
Happy Mother’s day Mutti wherever you are.

Up dated Bio

I was born Cornelia Benavidez in Texas but raised in Michigan by my American Veteran father and German born mother. After graduating from Albion College I had the main adventures of my youth in San Francisco CA. where I dove into Music, the Mystical and the Philosophical. This lead me to a wide arc of creative and passionate people from the Music scene and the world of non-profits and the legal world where I met my husband Atty. John Doyle. We helped Kathy Peck from the “Contractions” create H.E.A.R Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers with Dr. Flash Gordon from the Haight Ashbury Clinic. Had many wonderful animal friends that helped us raise a delightful child till life’s winds blew us to Oregon. There I found both the peace in nature that inspired me to write my tales of fantasy and adventure blending history, lore and fiction under C.B. Doyle. In 2016 I started a non-fiction series in Punk Globe Magazine called “San Francisco 1978”. Also, releasing under my given name May 19th of this year is my first non-fiction book “Victor Anderson an American Shaman”

My dear friends, It is with great pleasure that I announce my first non-fiction book. “Victor H. Anderson, An American Shaman.”  All thanks to the wonderful people at Megalithica Books Publications and Immanion press. My heartfelt thanks also to Sara Star and William Wallworth for their contributions and hard work. The book should be available around Victor’s centennial the 21st of May. I will keep everyone posted.   “Victor H. Anderson, An American Shaman” may come as a surprise to some but most not, I think; those who have known me long have constantly seen my spiritual questing heart. I have met and studied to various degrees with many people from many traditions from all over the United States and the world. The result of this was my great appreciation, respect, and love for humankind’s devotion, determination and courage in seeking and daring to commune with the Divine, be it in Nature, in themselves, or an act of deep faith in the unknown. In some ways, I was a little my own early version of Reza Aslan in CNN’s Believer– lol.  I was very lucky and blessed to have been raised the way I was. It generated a strong and firm foundation that kept me centered with a good nose for what was real and that which was not.  As one will see, no matter what your faith or belief, Victor Anderson was an amazing person and his life and views make for very interesting reading.


May Day

They Come

Strong shining lads

They Come

Carrying the Ribbon tree

They Come

The laughing maids

They come

Bearing flowers for the tree

They gather round

Plump wives with children

Young lovers holding hands

Grandfathers bearing fiddles

Grandmothers holding babes

Warriors of earth bear kegs of ale

They cheer the planted tree

Ribbons wind waved

Caught by eager hands

They will dance the song of spring

They will weave the course of the stars

Greeting friend to friend, heart to heart

Today we turn the tree calls out the Bard

We plant the seed in the name of love

This is the tree of all beginnings

The tree of wishes and of dreaming’s

This is the tree of Hope

This is the tree of Joy

Here is where the world turns

Here the moon chases the sun

Here is where we become one

The music swells

Feet dance the beat

To weave a spell

And steal a kiss

Up and under,

So, and so

Round and round and then

Let go




Art inspires, art can educate and offer perspective in more then one way and level. Expressing yourself through art gives a healthy outlet to share complex human emotion. Art can also calm and sooth whether adult or child. Art can be poetry in color or motion. Art taps and makes use of science, imagination, spiritual reflection and feelings to express the desires, aspirations, sorrows, fears, joys and determination of the human spirit. Art inspires ideas and functions as a conduit to other doorways to fill human need and growth. Art is another type of food that is essential for humans to be whole.

Art creates function and function can create Art.

In the Shadow of the Other

Jennifer has a lovely life, other then she has no mother and having to deal with the annoyances of any young teen in the 1910 Carolina’s. Then suddenly everything changes. She is on the run chased by the unthinkable. Can she survive not only the evil that chases her but the secrets of her own family.
Take some time off to enjoy this story that has four five star reviews that takes you through a an exciting romp through history and fantasy. Intriguing for both adults and teens!

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It was very encouraging to hear this week that the CEO of Barnes and Noble, Len Riggio say that he expected a bounce-back from the preoccupation with the election and  Trump that has hurt book sales nationwide.

The Winter King


The King went a-hunting on a day cool and green

For a flash of white had caught the King’s gleam

He rode proud and bold into forest dark forbidding

His horse snorted with caution yet kept its footing

Heart leaping with hunt lust, the King spurred his steed

A white sow would soon grace his table feast!


He rode strong and hard from flashing white to white

How could so large a sow be so fast and light?

Then there it stood and with what great art

For in his path stood a gleaming white Hart

He raised his spear let out a joyous cry

Hart or sow thou shall be mine!


The spear found home in yonder tree

The Hart disappeared in twinkling speed

The King once more took upon the chase

Deeper in the mossy woods did he race

Till his frothy horse did raise high on hoof and

The King tumbled to the feet of a great white wolf


No horse, no spear yet the King had no fear

As the wolf turned toward a large bear cave

Snow now fell on this King so brave

He struggled to rise, then lay to rest

A white owl called his name as he slept

Gentle hands lay garlands on his breast


Lo, what did this King behold in divine sleep

The treasures of ages that make men weep

A golden summered land of peace

A shining silvered endless sea

A blinding flash of purist white

A star dressed Goddess graced his sight


Come be my lover, brother and child

Thy people’s king but in priest me mine

How can this be I must be born anew

So shall you be in my world and in yours

Her arms so tender around him held

Fear, doubt, lust, all angry shadows fled


There in her arms now came a sweet cry

She kissed the babe and he became a child

The child in turn grew to run and dance

She waved her hand and he became a man

Now she kissed his lips and each eye

He awoke to bird song and a horse neigh


The branches of pine that made his bed

Now flower covered scent filled his head

Soft he rose from this sacred bed

There made a vow upon the hallowed land

To never forget this Goddess gift

Now Man, King and Priest the forest left