Getting personal with Cornelia Benavidez

Roadie Notes

Hello everyone…. I would like to introduce you to Cornelia Benavidez. She is a very sweet and kind lady who I have recently met. So we will be getting to know her together 😊. Please welcome Cornelia Benavidez to Roadie Notes. . .

How old were you when you first wrote your first story?

I was around 10 when I wrote my first poem and 12 when I wrote my first story and play. I was inspired by the first True Grit movie with John Wayne.

Tell me about you. Age, married, kids, do you have another job etc…

I do not consider myself an old goat but neither am I a spring chicken lol unless I was a hobbit which regrettably I am not. lol I am married to Atty. John Doyle who still fights the good fight for the underdogs in the California prison system and we both…

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Remembering Margaret


Margaret on Lammas

I remember you in most in August
Though your birthday was in July
I still smile at your Pele lava hair
The Sunflowers that would grace your Altar
While your hands and fingers would express
The wit in those sharp cat green eyes
Lammas is its own special wisdom
When you open your heart, she would say
Yes, it is first Harvest but it fore-tells the fall
Pay attention to the comings and goings in life
They are the chapters of your story
Bloom like a sunflower be full of seeds to feed others
Be joyful in life to burst like the dandelion
From yellow-gold to white then let the wind
Carry your song for others to find