Up dated Bio

I was born Cornelia Benavidez in Texas but raised in Michigan by my American Veteran father and German born mother. After graduating from Albion College I had the main adventures of my youth in San Francisco CA. where I dove into Music, the Mystical and the Philosophical. This lead me to a wide arc of creative and passionate people from the Music scene and the world of non-profits and the legal world where I met my husband Atty. John Doyle. We helped Kathy Peck from the “Contractions” create H.E.A.R Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers with Dr. Flash Gordon from the Haight Ashbury Clinic. Had many wonderful animal friends that helped us raise a delightful child till life’s winds blew us to Oregon. There I found both the peace in nature that inspired me to write my tales of fantasy and adventure blending history, lore and fiction under C.B. Doyle. In 2016 I started a non-fiction series in Punk Globe Magazine called “San Francisco 1978”. Also, releasing under my given name May 19th of this year is my first non-fiction book “Victor Anderson an American Shaman”


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