Here it goes….

I am a person that has worn many hats and had my share of adventures. Some might think that I held onto my innocence with a death grip. This was both good and bad lol depending on the circumstance and how you look at it. All I know is that it has brought me to a good place in life with a treasure trove of memories to sort through as the child I was playing in my mothers button box. So I tell it like it was and is.┬á ­čÖé

A Human Spring


A Prayer and Rite for spring


This is my rite of spring

To be thankful for every flower that blooms and the fruits thereof,

To rejoice at the birth of both lambs and coyotes,

To know that each cycle of stars that marks our time is a blessing,

Yes, today I will look within into the winter of my heart,

I will open my eyes to what worked and did not,

I shall take the seeds of wisdom and plant them in my mind to grow,

I pray for truth, I pray for love, I pray for healing to rain upon us,

May we find our way to walk a better road so that all may drink thus.



Where does time go



Where did the time go when I was so busy

Did I fill my eyes with beauty

Did I fill my ears with song

Where did the time go when I was so worried

Did I fill my heart with thankfulness

Did I fill my breath with prayer

 Where did the time go when I was missing you

Did I fill my head with fears

Did I fill my cheeks with tears

Where did the time go and to what did it go

Did I fill my mouth with words of love

Did I still smell the flower and feed the dove

Did I dance the dance and fight the good fight

Did I embrace my lover and kiss the child

Did I find the wisdom, did I find true joy

Did I savor good food and each bright toy

Did I love each friend and adore every critter

Did I love my family and all divine considered

 Where does the time go? Where did it go?

My love it is so near it has led me to right here

Time has led us all to this our moment here.