Thinking of Memorial Day

Like many Americans I watched the events on every channel and the foreign news as well to see with horror as police and Capital security were injured and killed in Washington DC. on January 6th of this year. The mob laughing and chanting the names of elected people of service from Congress to the Vice President threatening to harm even kill them. They broke into the Capital…People that John and I know personally that work there were terrified. Others that we know that live in D.C. gave us first hand accounts of what they saw and heard in the streets and in hotels where these traitors to the rules of law, to our government and country desecrated our capital. The mob broke into offices, pounded on memorials, used flags as weapons while some urinated and shat on the floor. Of course the country went numb with shock and sorrow while reeling in the middle all the deaths of Covid. So now here we are. The most powerful country in the world almost brought to it’s knees by a cultish rabble. The voice of the people spoke and the presidents own chosen ratified the vote and said it was a proper and rightful election yet still, there are those with cold and selfish hearts who claim that this was all some sort of mistake or the riot never happened? What a slap on the face of every service man and women who sacrificed their time for our country. What a spit on the graves of every service man and woman of Policemen and women, Security men and women who have died on their jobs. We the people have every right to demand a full investigation of the shameful events of January 6th and only cowards and the guilty would say otherwise. Cornelia Benavidez in gratitude for the forms online and the country that allows me to speak freely.


1 thought on “Thinking of Memorial Day

  1. So true, your statement. The bulk of the Republican Senators are too afraid of Trump to do the right thing. This is a sickness among them. The cult of trump needs to be eliminated from the rolls of the Senate. They are not living up to their oath of office.

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