My dear friends, It is with great pleasure that I announce my first non-fiction book. “Victor H. Anderson, An American Shaman.”  All thanks to the wonderful people at Megalithica Books Publications and Immanion press. My heartfelt thanks also to Sara Star and William Wallworth for their contributions and hard work. The book should be available around Victor’s centennial the 21st of May. I will keep everyone posted.   “Victor H. Anderson, An American Shaman” may come as a surprise to some but most not, I think; those who have known me long have constantly seen my spiritual questing heart. I have met and studied to various degrees with many people from many traditions from all over the United States and the world. The result of this was my great appreciation, respect, and love for humankind’s devotion, determination and courage in seeking and daring to commune with the Divine, be it in Nature, in themselves, or an act of deep faith in the unknown. In some ways, I was a little my own early version of Reza Aslan in CNN’s Believer– lol.  I was very lucky and blessed to have been raised the way I was. It generated a strong and firm foundation that kept me centered with a good nose for what was real and that which was not.  As one will see, no matter what your faith or belief, Victor Anderson was an amazing person and his life and views make for very interesting reading.



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