The disturbingly bizarre oddness of modern news

Now of course, I must preface this with the fact that I was raised in the era of Walter Cronkite and Harry Reasoner. Men who inspired the desire for hard won facts and a seasoned dignity. They gave us the news straight on in a no nonsense voice that betrayed emotion only at the rarest of times when we needed them too. They were trusted professionals that America looked up to and other anchors modeled themselves after. Why?  Because the news was and is a big part of the tapestry of our nation. It’s function is more then to inform us of the weather and entertain us with treading topics but to mirror to us our integrity as a nation.  Are these the facts or just theory’s or possible assumptions? In light of such doubts are we ready to take action? Is our government being just and fair? What issues are we wrestling with and in what do we as Americans take pride in. This was my newscast 30-40 years ago. Sure there are echo’s of it still. Good solid men and women that take there jobs as news casters seriously.
     Today there is now the fact and challange of how does a Newscaster keep a straight face when he or she is reporting on boxes of glitter and dildos. These are being sent as care packages to Oregon farmers far from big cities who are standing their ground on a nature visitor center on what they feel are just grievances. The lines and boundaries between creative humor and disrespectful mockery of these salt of the earth hard working people is no where to be found. This is not healthy for us or our children. These farmers are not being given a fair shake by many, their story not listened too nor the facts understood.  Instead people are grabbing for their 15 minutes of fame for looking down their noses at what very well may be an important issue. Even IF these people are misguided give them some props for guts especially in the memory of Waco TX. That, if you recall ended very badly.  Yes, strange times indeed…..

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