Getting Started

After thinking about the idea of bloging and seeing how people use it, I came to realize that I must be experimental to get the hang of it. Lord knows I have a over flowing cup of thoughts and a curiosity that puts cats to shame. Still, I am after all a steady Capricorn that loves to climb to a higher vision on so many topics in life. The thought of babbling or ranting fills me with horror but I guess face book has been my training ground so I should not be overly fearful. Still, Most people let alone writers have an Angel and or a Devil sitting on either shoulder or the good wolf and bad wolf of Native American lore to spark the conscience and inspire constructive thinking let alone prudence. Alas, I have a woodpecker. It flies from shoulder to shoulder nailing my head with endless demands and wake-up calls. I also know that thanks to my editor (Truly a saint) I am now more comfortable with the more formal written word then I was a few years ago. Still, I blush to say that I still do not give a damn about what a dangling participle is but will force myself to remember or look it up if something in the sentence does not sniff right.  lol…
So I shall, speak on various things that catch my attention
Share some works and interviews
Hopefully entertain and inspire along the way as I mine the past, muse upon the present and build a future that I dearly hope will be as interesting as my past.

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