Remembering Now



Hay monoliths stand bold against the blue late summer sky

The old oak stands defiant in its beauty as it stands guard

Over the fields ripened gold by the sun


Blackberries hang heavy on the vine

The air smells sweet with the scent of Roses

And Catnip flowers to inspire the bees to not despair


The deer grazes with the horses

As the vulture flies teasing the wind

The geese swim content in their pond


I am the lens and the camera

I am surrounded by untold eyes

We are filled with vision and perfect love


Moment by moment

In the midst of sadness

In the midst of loss

In the midst of chaos

In the midst of confusion


There is the picture of perfection

It is the ever possible gift

Waiting to be noticed

Waiting for our care

Our garden of Love

In this moment of now


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