All my Mothers

I was a lucky child and young women because of all the Mothers that I have had in my life. My own mother, my friends mothers, friends that were mothers to me and even the animal mothers. I think of all the women that stepped up.They filled holes and gaps in my life. They were my catcher mitts. They were huggers, kissers and finger shaking butt kickers. They were teachers, best friends and lovers of wisdom. They scooped me up and loved me when I did not know how to love myself. They taught me how to forgive and how to live. Yet, most important of all they taught me how to be a good mother not a wounding mother, but a eye-rolling quirky make you laugh mother. An oh dear what is she up to now Mutti who was and is not afraid to love. Thank you so much to all my mothers. Passing it on best I can….

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