The mouths of today


What is it about this election that has truly brought out the worst in people? I remember as a child comic’s poking fun at polities and my parents with their friends both joking and having deep serious discussions on the issues of the day and the platforms of the various people running for office. Crass and crude remarks were saved for the ears and minds of the beer swill in bars far from reach of children and teens. I really believe that because of the way adults have let it all hang out we are losing our grip on our kids and our nation.. Kids who of course gain access one way or another, now mouth off more then ever. They see a man who by being rich and having media attention gets away with not just being rude but crude as well so why should it surprise me then when these LA media boy stars who are still teens or barely out of their teens openly on a live show quip off “Oh, you just are looking to get you D… sucked” Why Not? I have watched grown people that I respect shed every ounce of dignity they have to say such things like stupid Pu..y to greedy whore on Clinton to casting both Obama and Trump as the minions of Satan. Oh and yes on the few occasions that this has been brought up on talk shows often people cheer and clap in support of this toxic vomit…..WTH….It’s no wonder I watch kids say no biggy at what comes out of their mouth at the least bit of a mood or feeling put upon. They rush to swear or even physically lash out. Adults are not behaving like adults but like teens themselves. Now so many indulge to roll around in the verbal garage till they can’t even think straight. Rome was not build in a day but if ultimately fell in about four. A society loses it’s grip upon itself when it allows it’s culture to degrade and forgets the most basic values of human conduct and manners.


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