May Day

They Come

Strong shining lads

They Come

Carrying the Ribbon tree

They Come

The laughing maids

They come

Bearing flowers for the tree

They gather round

Plump wives with children

Young lovers holding hands

Grandfathers bearing fiddles

Grandmothers holding babes

Warriors of earth bear kegs of ale

They cheer the planted tree

Ribbons wind waved

Caught by eager hands

They will dance the song of spring

They will weave the course of the stars

Greeting friend to friend, heart to heart

Today we turn the tree calls out the Bard

We plant the seed in the name of love

This is the tree of all beginnings

The tree of wishes and of dreaming’s

This is the tree of Hope

This is the tree of Joy

Here is where the world turns

Here the moon chases the sun

Here is where we become one

The music swells

Feet dance the beat

To weave a spell

And steal a kiss

Up and under,

So, and so

Round and round and then

Let go


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