The Winter King


The King went a-hunting on a day cool and green

For a flash of white had caught the King’s gleam

He rode proud and bold into forest dark forbidding

His horse snorted with caution yet kept its footing

Heart leaping with hunt lust, the King spurred his steed

A white sow would soon grace his table feast!


He rode strong and hard from flashing white to white

How could so large a sow be so fast and light?

Then there it stood and with what great art

For in his path stood a gleaming white Hart

He raised his spear let out a joyous cry

Hart or sow thou shall be mine!


The spear found home in yonder tree

The Hart disappeared in twinkling speed

The King once more took upon the chase

Deeper in the mossy woods did he race

Till his frothy horse did raise high on hoof and

The King tumbled to the feet of a great white wolf


No horse, no spear yet the King had no fear

As the wolf turned toward a large bear cave

Snow now fell on this King so brave

He struggled to rise, then lay to rest

A white owl called his name as he slept

Gentle hands lay garlands on his breast


Lo, what did this King behold in divine sleep

The treasures of ages that make men weep

A golden summered land of peace

A shining silvered endless sea

A blinding flash of purist white

A star dressed Goddess graced his sight


Come be my lover, brother and child

Thy people’s king but in priest me mine

How can this be I must be born anew

So shall you be in my world and in yours

Her arms so tender around him held

Fear, doubt, lust, all angry shadows fled


There in her arms now came a sweet cry

She kissed the babe and he became a child

The child in turn grew to run and dance

She waved her hand and he became a man

Now she kissed his lips and each eye

He awoke to bird song and a horse neigh


The branches of pine that made his bed

Now flower covered scent filled his head

Soft he rose from this sacred bed

There made a vow upon the hallowed land

To never forget this Goddess gift

Now Man, King and Priest the forest left






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