Evil Wind


Evil has been spreading itself once again

That oozing swamp of fear and arrogance

Its warm mud falsely inviting to despairing souls

Gaseous bright lights lure the unwitting

To its many death filled holes

This swamp revels in itself

It only knows the hunger it has

This kind of evil spreads itself beware

Through those that even think they care

It moves so swiftly, oozes so quietly

Most do not know it is there

It hungers though it’s fed every hour

It hungers for what is rightfully ours

It is gleeful for our madness

It grows fat with our sadness

Ravenous for our pain and fear

It longs for every broken scream

One drop at a time it licks our tears

Evil’s children is a spreading weed

Open your eyes you can see it feed

Ironic then our cup is filled

Of all of nature that man has killed

Yet in the midst of this darkness

Even when it lurks within its lair

We tremble and cry to be spared

So evil now torments us easily

Even by our own hand

Setting child to child, women to man

By greed this feeding frenzy begins

It slimes with shame and ignorance

It’s the rattling saber, the grin of the reaper

Brothers and sisters we grow weary

Of this danger, filth and stench

Still, listen to this secret

Evil yet can lose itself

Today may be its feast day

And yesterday its banquet

Our love within can always wake us

Have we not come for a mother’s kiss?

Or the hand of a beloved so long missed

Somewhere someone longs for us

A child, a dog, a garden needing our touch

The endless words wishing to be sung

Let not bitterness freeze your tongue

Yes, the swamp hungers for all of you

For life itself so beautiful

The Divine dance is full of grace

Let not your choices be full of waste

More violent and cruel evil does become

Sensing our rising consciousness

We can win this battle if we never forget this

Though the whole world it seeks to dismember

Ever we will return until this we remember

The power and love of the Divine is within us


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