Only a babe in arms

I reached for the bright blue flames

Hissing under the black tea kettle

Mother says FIRE hot danger death

I always looked back with longing eyes

Whispering Hot Hot under my breath

On plump sturdy little legs

Months later on the oven I lean

Reaching up toward the blazing blue

Chanting hot hot as I test my tip toes

Mother lifted me up saying yes hot hot

Sadly the meaning you know not

She took my little hand

Ever so quick I touched the glowing pot

My eyes grow huge and tear filled

Then cool water and kisses the pain killed

I point to the flames and the singing pot

Pretty……… Blue………..danger…….Hot!

There was born respect for fire’s beauty and temptation

The thin path between wisdom and fascination


Years pass a little boy in a yard lights a match

Holds the blazing yellow orange and neon blue

Close to his eyes I fear his eyebrows will catch

Then drops from stung fingers onto the grass

He stamps quick on the white Smokey wisps

This is not a good idea I say calmly

You are a goody two shoes he says firmly

Fire is dangerous to the playful say I

So is water snapped back the bold boy child

You can save yourself in water

You cannot swim in flames I pout

Smarty pants always the last word he shouts

His words sting as the dinner bell sounds

Quick he stamps the grass, grabbed my hand good

Dragged me to supper and wolfed down his food

Then his uncle burst in with a bucket of sand

Who’s child’s hide tonight must I tan!

For the curiosity kills the cat with desire

All eyes turned to me but my mother says

Not her, for she knows the truth of fire


With growing speed the years start to turn

Warm sun on summer golden skin

Fireworks sparkle without and within

A Bonfire night again fire makes me yearn

A crackling campfire with a moonlit kiss

Heart’s a runaway flame and a cool bliss

Fire is comfort, Fire is pain

Fire is loss yet it can be gain

The fire within gives the courage to fight

The fire of passion to make things right

Temptations are mostly the little burn

That tempers us and makes us learn

As I was once told it’s a wild wild world

Mother and father still pray I pay not too much a price

As I struggle with watching the dark and light

Desire and risk, the quest for wisdom

To know your soul and find fulfillment

From Pandora’s Box to the tempting stranger

Reaching for my hand…



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