Meet C.B. Doyle

My secret love
My secret love has always been writing. Why secret? Mostly because I did not feel worthy of it. Writing has rules. It is the tool of intellect. People who write think great ponderous thoughts or move the heart by fearlessly telling life’s truths even if it’s in a fictional form. It is a creative process packaged like beads on a necklace in a perfection where each stone both stands out and yet fits in the whole. I knew from the time I was a young child that limitations sat on me like a scratchy sweater. I fought not to wear it yet was told over and over that if I wanted in from the cold and be presentable I must somehow overcome my discomfort. I must learn the rules of spelling, timing, grammar and form.  It was a long hard bloody fight. lol  Though I still fall short of perfection the courage to reveal what I have seen, heard and felt has became stronger. The following link is an interview I gave for being one of the authors in the book SideShow that came out a little over a year ago in kindle form and now will have a brand new release March 22,2016 in book form.  We are all books with stories to share, these are some of mine.


Source: Meet C.B. Doyle


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